Remote Jobs You Can Do in 2021

Charanpreet Singh
4 min readApr 7, 2021


The ways and means of working have changed drastically since a few months.

A teacher instructing the students via a screen or a CEO taking the multi-billion dollar deal is a part of the new normal. The unfortunate events of 2020 have brought a sea change in our workplaces and way of working.

However, your ability to work remotely depends on your job. If you ask a doctor or a cop to work from home, that won’t be possible. But a UX designer is not required to sit on a desk from 9 to 5. During the lockdown, the companies saw an increase in productivity as the employees were working from home. Due to this, the number of people working remotely is expected to double in 2021.

Here are the best remote jobs you can take up in 2021 to join a new kind of workforce.

Remote Jobs in 2021

  • Programmer or Developer

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the demand for software developers will increase by 22% between 2019 to 2029.

We can add the requirements of these professionals due to the acceleration of the digital transformation of several organizations which were not ready to take the plunge before the pandemic hit.

To start working remotely as a programmer or developer, learn the relevant coding languages, and gain practical experience. Build your portfolio, start bidding on projects as a freelancer or join an organization that offers remote work to its employees irrespective of where you live.

  • Customer Service Representative

You have a phone, right? Well, as long as you have good to great communication skills, it is super easy to become a customer service representative.

Companies hire customer service representatives to help their customers solve their queries and issues. Besides calling the customers, you may also get the opportunity to work with chatbots, provide live chat support, and respond to requests originating from social media.

  • Project Managers

Project managers are responsible for managing the tasks and ensuring their timely deliverability. In between project onboarding and delivery, they have to set milestones, delegate tasks, organize the team, create workflows, ensure communication, and sustain productivity.

Technology has helped project managers fulfill their tasks and responsibilities in a way that it has streamlined their tasks and made a big difference in the management.

To land a job as a project manager in 2021, you need two important things on your resume. One, experience and the second is extensive knowledge of project management software.

  • Outbound Sales Representative

People with the gift of gab or the ability to speak with confidence with strangers will find working in outbound sales akin to a dream come true. Outbound sales is about creating engagement out of nothing and building relationships with potential clients and customers.

However, before you can work as an outbound sales representative, you must depict your talent to understand the company’s products and services efficiently.

Attracting new customers and clients is not straightforward in the present scenario. Besides formal sales-oriented education, you need to grow out of a by-the-book salesperson and explore various options to attract and convert new leads.

  • Teacher/Tutor

Remote teaching has given the tutors an opportunity to share their knowledge with the students across the globe and not just with their regional or national institutes.

Online teaching is different from offline teaching as the former is based on your knowledge, skills, and ability to help others understand the subject matter.

So, if you have a robust internet connection, a good computer, and a webcam plus headphones, you are good to go.

  • Headhunter

This is like hunting for new candidates online based on the job openings. Headhunters are recruitment specialists working in a dynamic ecosystem to help companies hire the right people best suited for the company.

Companies prefer remote headhunters instead of asking them to work from the office. This is because to build a remote workforce, companies need people to hire other people from different locations. This gives them access to a wider talent pool.

  • Designers/Animators

UI/UX designers, graphic designers, 3D designers, animators, and illustrators can easily work with online tools irrespective of their location. All you need is a robust workstation, access to the internet, and access to the right software to start working as a designer or animator.

There are specific courses for all of these jobs. You can start by learning the basics and then advance to learn more about your subject while building practical experience and a portfolio. The best part about these jobs is their lucrative nature.To Sum it Up

Working remotely may have its challenges, but it also has a wide array of benefits. Once you get used to a flexible lifestyle, you will find yourself more satisfied with your job and enjoy working at your own pace.

The list of remote jobs to choose from in 2021 is non-exhaustive. Apart from the jobs written above, you can also consider working remotely as a writer, virtual attorney, virtual assistant, business analyst, translator, social media manager, etc.

The key is to find the skill you can build and develop. After choosing a field, start working on it, gain better experience, and build your portfolio. More importantly, the way employers assess candidates for remote jobs has also undergone a change.

Hence, you need to write a remote work specific resume to enhance the chances of landing the job. If you are still stuck with a 9–5 desk-bound job, it’s time to come out from under the hood and explore the world of opportunities at your behest in 2021.