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Israel’s location and its resilient people have turned the country into a lucrative place for starting and expanding a business. Going by the speed and approach they are following, Israel will surely be in the race to become a superpower one day. As a country, it is connected to the continents of Europe and Africa.

Apart from this, working from here, you can also access the entire Middle East and leverage the market opportunities in several powerful and growing countries of the world. Where all these things are impressive, there could be some barriers in your expansion plans, starting with the language. Israel’s national language is Hebrew, and to establish a business here, you need to understand the language, at least, till the point you are able to comprehend the rules and regulations.

Besides language, few other aspects can pose a challenge, which brings me to introduce a way out; shaking hands with the best PEO and EORs in Israel.

A PEO (Professional Employer Organization) or EOR (Employer of Record) based out of Israel is like a one-stop solution for entrepreneurs wanting to explore the market but do not want to do everything in one stroke. Ergo, leveraging the on-ground market understanding and legislative experience of EOR companies in Israel is the best way to move forward.

Care to know which are the best options amongst hundreds of EOR and PEO companies in Israel? Read on…

Top 5 PEO and EORs in Israel for Hiring, Paying and Managing Talent

Human Impact

Human Impact offers its PEO and EOR solutions in Israel via three different segments. These include; Search and Recruitment, Consulting Services, and Employment and PEO Services. Working as a boutique solution provider organization, Human Impact helps hire employees and manage their payroll.

Core Offerings;

  • Payroll services to ensure compliance and adherence to the government regulations while ensuring complete payment solutions.
  • HR and Administration functions to take care of employee functions, sick leaves, vacation, taxation, and compliance.
  • A local operational manager is responsible for overseeing the local operations, team management, and ensuring work continuity.
  • Efficient and specific employment solutions, including hiring employees globally and locally as per the requirements.

Working as a boutique EOR and PEO services provider in Israel, Human Impact helps establish your business in the country as smoothly as possible. Besides taking care of employment solutions, Human Impact has specialists to work on the legal structures, compliances, and taxation aspects for your business.

Global PEO Services

Global PEO Services takes care of the entire business lifecycle starting from establishment to management and further expansion in Israel. Working with a unique model termed the “GPS Difference”, this PEO and EOR in Israel is one of the best and trustworthy companions in the country.

Core Offerings;

  • Packaged solutions for every company without setting up a legal entity.
  • Working on resources, benefits, payroll, taxation, and employee management administered by on-ground subject matter experts.
  • Hire employees on your company’s behalf and integrate them into the company payroll system while satisfying the legal requirements.
  • A smart and advanced SaaS software, Mihi, takes care of attendance, vacation, leave management, and benefits administration.

Working under a unique model characterized by the GPS Difference, this PEO and EOR company in Israel lets you enter the market faster while ensuring that you have full control over your organization.

Papaya Global

One of the new entries in the world of PEO and EORs, Papaya Global knows that when it comes to expanding a business, market knowledge and expertise surpasses experience. Papaya Global is your PEO, EOR, and contract manager in Israel.

Core Offerings;

  • Its payroll services lets you hire people anywhere in the world and manage them from a single dashboard.
  • As an EOR in Israel, Papaya Global makes it easier to set up your company without setting foot in the country.
  • A local network of market experts, recruiters, and compliance pundits will get the ball rolling for your entry into Israel safely and quickly.
  • Apart from the permanent workforce, Papaya Global also helps create and manage a contractual workforce.

Papaya Global is on a mission to simplify the global payroll process via automating the functions delivered by their platform. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, Papaya Global builds your organization around the principles of workplace engagement and collaboration.

Shield GEO

Shield GEO understands that creating a new company on foreign soil can be confusing and an overwhelming exercise. So, the best EOR and PEO company in Israel is working to help you manage international employment by following the complete suite of local requirements.

Core Offerings;

  • Shield GEO will act as your legal employer of record and take over the responsibility for ensuring compliance, taxation, and payroll.
  • With one of the best PEOs in Israel taking care of employment, you will become eligible to start operations quickly and at a minimum expense.
  • A simplified process to get started and build your company from the ground up with minimal friction because industry experts are working on your project.

Shield GEO is a value-driven company working with an aim to nurture growth in your organisation and create the most effective solutions package to augment your business growth.

New Horizons

New Horizons is one of the few companies working in Israel that have a global presence. As an organization, New Horizons offers rapid market entry, affordable expansion and takes care of holistic business development in Israel while ensuring compliance.

Core Offerings;

  • New Horizons is ready to become your legal EOR in Israel and hire people for every industry with the help of on-ground experts.
  • A unique payroll management system identifies the different sectors of setup and creates targeted solutions while ensuring compliance and taxation.
  • Offers a dedicated team of experts to look after your HR and administrative functions dealing directly with your employees in the local language.
  • Single point of contact between your EOR services providers in Israel and your team to remove any communication gaps.

New Horizons offers a flexible approach to setting up business in the country. Because they have a progressive team of people with a proven track record, associating with New Horizons is one of the most important ingredients for achieving success.


Setting up a business in any country is a daunting task, let alone Israel. However, working with the best PEO and EORs in Israel will streamline the process while helping you understand the stakes and how to navigate through the tightly knit regulations. These are five of the most effective EOR companies in Israel.

But they are not the only ones helping businesses like yours in creating a better scope for your expansion.

A few other names include Skuad, Velocity Global, and Mercans. These PEO and EORs in Israel are equally effective in terms of market knowledge. But they create a better management system with the help of high-end technology solutions and systems.

So, before going out on a single limb to win the race in Israel, try contacting one of these companies and understanding what else you need to accomplish your dreams.



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