How to Expand your Business in Hong Kong using Employer of Record (EOR) Partners

Hong Kong is the financial capital of Asia, and evolving your brand to cover the Asian market here is an opportunity waiting for you to capitalize on. Not only is Hong Kong a great place to start a business, but its lower taxation and educated workforce also make it an excellent place to write your global expansion story. But setting up a business here is easier said than done. Even though the regulations are a bit smooth, you still need to follow them holistically.

Coming to the growth potential, Hong Kong is a springboard to the Chinese market. With a massive population ready to be engaged, you must play all the cards right to achieve success. It is better to consult the experienced people who are an integral part of the Hong Kong economy understanding its nuances from within. Combined with a strong human resource and infrastructure plus an understanding of the rules & regulations, an Employer of Record Hong Kong is your best way to move forward.

Utilizing Employer of Record (EOR) services in Hong Kong means you can focus on the core business activities. Simultaneously, the outsourced agency will take care of the regulations, payroll, onboarding, hiring, contract management, and terminations. Here are a few recommendations for PEO/EOR companies in Hong Kong.

Top Employer of Record (EOR) Companies in Hong Kong


ADP is a pioneer Human Capital Management organization assisting organizations in tasks and responsibilities related to Human Resources and payroll. Besides the regulatory support that will let you run your operations smoothly in the country, ADP also assists with taxation and payroll management. Setting its services specifically for Hong Kong, ADP will provide end-to-end payroll and HR assistance.

Talking about their Payroll services, ADP simplifies and unifies the company payroll giving you access to vital information on a single platform. More than this, with a team of 300 experts having a vital understanding of compliance and risk management. For effective human capital management, ADP helps build synchronized HR records ensuring maximum transparency and optimization of the HR infrastructure.

Links International

Links has built a proprietary HR technology network and combines it with the industry expertise of 20 years. Working as an EOR in Hong Kong, Links International helps with HR functions, payroll, employee data management, visa services, and other HR-related aspects.

In addition to the core HR functions, Links International also helps the organizations with contingent and retained employee research targeted to the country of operation. Links International goes one step further to help you build employee assistance programs in terms of employee onboarding and contract management. With its HR Tech aspects, Links delegates a dedicated HR analytics platform for your organization to bring optimization, speed, and cost-effectiveness to the system.

Elements Global Services

Elements combine technology with human intelligence to build high-performance teams and high-impact analytical systems for organizations setting up their operations in Hong Kong. To simplify global expansion, Elements GS has become one of the best EOR companies in Hong Kong.

Elements have insider knowledge of the country’s processes and systems, and they can successfully help you check every box on the checklist to build a successful business in Hong Kong. While taking care of the recruitment, Elements GS also helps you manage employee contracts, leaves, benefits, and termination.

Shield GEO

For those looking to cruise through the market regulations and start production as early as possible after setting up in Hong Kong, ShieldGeo has the perfect recipe. While forwarding their EOR services in Hong Kong, ShieldGEO makes it easier, affordable, and faster to deploy the required workforce in the country.

Along with taking care of the employee recruitment and payroll, the EOR company can also help you with taxation, insurance, work permits, and visas. With everything related to employee management sorted, you can focus on the core business logic and build your organization with a sense of security and confidence.

Safeguard Global

Compliance is one thing, but Safeguard Global offers accelerated compliance in terms of employment outsourcing and access to a global talent pool. Not only compliance, but Safeguard Global also takes care of payroll, benefits, and tax, and that too with local support.

Moving on to payroll management, Safeguard Global helps you make key employee decisions and optimize the workforce management costs along with a unified solution. As one of the leading payroll companies in Hong Kong, Safeguard Global also offers HR health checks and managing HCM risks, and improving comprehensive HR systems.


Working on the legalities and implementing location-specific regulations is the key to setting up a successful business in any foreign nation. With several intricate details that are easily missed or too complex to understand for an outsider, partnering up with an Employer of Record (EOR) in Hong Kong will help set up business operations in the right way.

EOR companies work in support of the existing HR systems empowering their effectiveness and building a global workforce. Working on this, they help initiate a global hiring process and deliver automated solutions.

Along with these companies listed above, you must also consider working with Skuad, Deel, Papaya Global, and a few others. These organizations have leveraged HR technology to create innovative technological systems to manage payroll, hiring, contracts, efficiency, compliance, every other aspect of the employee lifecycle management, no matter where they work.



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