High Demand Tech Skills Global Companies Are Looking For In 2021

With time and trends, the demand for skills and abilities changes. Today even our superheroes have advanced powers, and here we are talking about humans! In short, when an industry’s demand changes, the skills required to fulfill those demands must also change.

We are living in a world dominated by digital technology. Consequently, the people who understand and can leverage these technologies to make new products will undoubtedly be high in demand. But that does not mean that the creatives and people from other industries are not relevant.

For instance, Toyota employs a group of people who can make a unique type of nut (by hand) in their automobile production. These people are called Takumi’s.

Technical skills dominate every industry. Because these remote tech skills pertain to digital technologies, which have applications in every industry, we need people who can deliver the required work efficiently.

Here Are The High-Demand Tech Skills for Remote Work

  • Blockchain

Ever since Bitcoin, the world has seen the wide gamut of possibilities of blockchain programming. Because of its pan-industry applications, the people who understand blockchain and work with it will be in high demand.

The average salary of a blockchain developer in the US is $96,000. Plus, companies may spend up to $15.9 billion on implementing blockchain solutions by 2023.

Hence, looking at the numbers, we can be sure of the fact that blockchain technologies will be on the rise, and the people to deliver them will also be required progressively.

  • Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is making headway into every industry. Not because it is a necessity but because it is about survival. Yes, the 2020 pandemic has made us realize the importance of cloud computing and why every organization, irrespective of what they do, must use the cloud.

As a result, cloud engineers, technicians, and other professionals from this field will remain high in demand. Cloud professionals are responsible for building, managing, maintaining, and scaling the cloud-based solutions in the organization.

Cloud Engineers can receive a salary between $115,000 to $135,000 per annum.

  • Analysis or Analytical Reasoning

Analytical jobs have seen a reprise, but this time, the tools and methods of analysis have changed. Due to this, companies are looking for people who do not only understand the core tenets of analysis but can also use the advanced tools used for the purpose.

Within the analysis niche, we can include people who understand sales analysis and business analysis. The median salary of Sales and Business Analysis is close to $60,000 per year.

Analytical reasoning is important because of the dynamic business landscape. Companies come across new types of issues. People with strong analytical skills are required to identify, understand, and mitigate these issues while helping companies build contingency plans for the future.

  • Developers and Designers

Although both these tech skills for working remotely are different, we are considering them together because of their interdependent nature, especially in the present times. Developers refer to application and software development, whereas designers are the UX/UI and product designers.

In both fields, the individuals need to possess technical skills that helps them understand the requirements and build/design relevant products. Every product or service is built for an end-user.

Companies that fail to understand their customers do not see the desired growth. Hence, designers and developers must possess the best tech skills for remote work in this domain to build and design the perfect product based on their understanding of the users, technologies, and the market.

Developers bring home a salary of up to $130,000 every year, and designers earn to the tune of $67,000 per year.

  • Video and Audio Production

Video and audio production is a valuable skill set that has seen consistent demand and high growth in recent years. Mostly because of the company’s requirement to make a difference in the user experience.

As the companies want to showcase their products in a manner that resonates with the end-users perfectly, they need people with video and audio production skills to create those experiences and entertain the consumers in a short period of time.


As important as these skills are, you need equally efficient people to work with and leverage their potential. Finding and hiring the right people is easier said than done. Because we are cruising towards an era dominated by remote work settings, you need the perfect solution to hire people with tech skills for working remotely globally and manage them efficiently.

An EOR (Employer of Record) can help you find people with the best tech skills, hire them, assist with onboarding, management, and streamline their payroll processes.



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